Solveig Kristensen

Solveig Kristensen 

Member of IMA since 2014 

«I became a member of IMA to learn new skills, both professionally as well as to develop as a person. I wanted to broaden my network, make new friends and have fun. IMA has given me all of this, and it has been such an added value to my career. Through the meetings, workshops, conferences, and seminars, I have met supportive, understanding and inspiring people, who all have the same mindset as me. IMA has given me the extra confidence and support to become better, and to become a proud assistant!» 

Administrative Secretary at Norske Selskab.

Kristin Sande

Kristin Sande 

Member of IMA since 2006 

"IMA enables me to build a strategic network of like-minded professionals from different industries and countries. That is of great value for my job! 

As a former National Chairman, I had the opportunity to practice leadership and build a strategic network of assistants, trainers and business persons. IMA has also helped me enhance my public image, improve public speaking and strengthen strategic thinking. IMA is giving me the chance to stand out of the crowd." 

Administrative Consultant at Equinor ASA 

Julia Schmidt

Julia Schmidt 

Member of IMA since 2013 

IMA has given me the confidence to take the stage as a public speaker, mentor, and leader of the Norwegian group. Through my role as National Chairman and active member, I could expand my professional network, empower my peers, create engagement and bring innovative ideas and strategic thinking to the association. By sharing my professional expertise, I am constantly learning from exceptional IMA members. IMA is enhancing my leadership purpose: "continuously and consistently develop and facilitate the growth and development of myself and others leading to excellent performance and positive results." 

Executive Assistant to the CEO at BNP Paribas Norway – Former IMA National Chairman (2016-2018) 

Marie-Sylvie Disso-Ngangué

Marie-Sylvie Disso-Ngangué 

Member of IMA since 2012 

«The benefits of IMA are many - it expands my circle, we share experiences, and learn different work methods within the organization. IMA is my booster! I recommend IMA for networking, and it truly enhances your social & professional skills. Also, it is a great way of staying proactive, and to access updated information relevant to my job.» 

Administrative Office Assistant at Bane Nor SF 

Anne Christin Reiten

Anne Christin Reithe Christensen 

Member of IMA since 2015 

"I'm a proud member of IMA – And I appreciate meeting interesting people within the same line of work and situation as myself. IMA is about exchanging experiences, and develop myself into a better assistant. IMA is a wonderful network, and the speakers are very inspirational. IMA enhances my skillset, i.e. the Fall Conference in October – Which already have added new skills to my experience in many ways."

PA at Eastern Bulk Holding AS