The National Committee

The National Committee consists of the Chair, the Deputy Chair, the Treasurer, the  PR Officer and the Membership Officer. They are supported by the Web Coordinator. They are at your disposal for any questions or information you may require.

Please feel free to contact us both for constructive feedback and input. 

Eva Finseth

Eva Finseth

National Chair
Innovasjon Norge

T: +47 926 28 082
LinkedIn: Eva Finseth

Heidi Magnussen Brandt

Heidi Magnussen Brandt

National Treasurer
Idekapital AS

T: +47 934 41 581
LinkedInHeidi Magnussen Brandt

Ksenia Borzenina

Ksenia Borzenina

National PR Officer
Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce

T: +47 926 37 762
LinkedIn: Ksenia Borzenina

Anita Engenes

Anita I. Engenes

Deputy National Chair
KLP Banken AS

T: +47 482 20 660
LinkedInAnita I. Egnenes

Maria Wessel Poetzsch

Maria Wessel Poetzsch

National Membership Officer

T: +47 916 86 623
LinkedIn: Maria Wessel Poetzsch

Annika Hedstrom

Annika Hedström

Web Coordinator
Marsoft Inc

T: +47 928 45 246
LinkedIn: Annika Hedström

Not sure who you want to reach? You can also contact us at