De historiske

De Historiske - Historic Hotels & Restaurants - is a unique membership organization containing many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants. The organization consists of 66 hotels, 21 restaurants and two historic ships!

Wake up to freshly baked bread, fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden and enjoy your morning coffee with an amazing view of the Norwegian fjords. De Historiske are not ordinary hotels. They are landed estates, country houses, manors, large and small timber-built hotels in pseudo-Swiss and Art Nouveau style, old coaching inns and historic buildings that have been transformed into beautiful, small, romantic hotels. Follow in the footsteps of famous kings, queens, adventurers and authors - and experience Norway the Norwegian way.

Although the members of De Historiske each have their own distinctive characters, you will find that they have features in common: a warm welcome, good service, a friendly atmosphere and high quality in every respect. The quality standards that the group has in common ensure a generally high standard in the group, and our values of ”hospitable”, ”personal” and ”quality conscious” shall aid us in achieving our shared vision: we want visitors to find us ”a good place to be”.

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Øye hotell
Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri
Storfjord Hotel