The World Administrators Summit (WASummit) Frankfurt, 24-25 October 2018


The World Administrators Summit (WASummit) is a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and their associations committed to guiding, influencing and positively developing the profession.

The WASummit has convened nine times since 1992. It provides the international platform for peer-to-peer discussion regarding relevant topics that potentially impact those working in the administrative profession.

There are currently 24 countries being represented with a total of 56 delegates, and Julia Schmidt will represent Norway and IMA Norway as a delegate.

Check the interim Agenda here

Julia Schmidt is the Delegate for Norway and IMA Norway

Representing Norway

Being a Delegate for Norway has some expectations and I need your help to be prepared for the discussions. I want to hear your voice! This means you need to share with me relevant information regarding the topics to be discussed during the Summit.

Some of my obligations

Present a reporting against Administra the World Action Plan about the topic Moving with the Times in the 21st Century”, as it relates to Norway.

I will consult with IMA members and other administrative/office professionals to prepare this reporting.

The objective is to interview as much IMA members and other administrative/office professionals as possible to collect the necessary information to be presented to the Advisory Council. The topics are:

  1. Digital Technology – the future of the role
  2. Position Descriptions and career pathways
  3. Identity and Image of our profession – how can we enhance this
  4. Harassment – how can we manage this

I am also expected to undertake my own research within Norway to gather more information on these topics. The information will be gathered with the Advisory Council who will share with other Delegates as well. I will share all information I receive with the administrative/office professionals I am representing and engage in discussions with you on these topics.

I will bring and share opinions, thoughts and ideas, at the WASummit, that are representative of Norway’s administrative professionals, not solely my own. This is a critical part of the discussions that are to be held.

Purpose statement from Administra the World Action Plan

This WASummit will provide the best opportunity for a global meeting of administrative and office professionals and Associations; to guide, influence, and positively develop the profession.

We want to hear your voice!

Thank you in advance for your time and insights! Please click here to ask further information or make questions.

Julia Schmidt, IMA member and former National Chairman

The Surveys and The Four Topics for 2018

  • Harassment – how can we manage this

    If you are an administrative professional working in Norway, you can click here to answer the survey "Harassment – how can we manage this."

    Bullying and harassment are terms that are used interchangeably by organizations, with bullying often regarded as a type of harassment.

    The word ‘bullying’ is strongly associated in many people’s minds with the school playground. Bullying of children and teenagers by their peers is a widely observed and understood problem, and there has been considerable effort put in by authorities to deal with it. But bullying is not a childhood phenomenon,it is a general problem, part of human life at all ages and in all social contexts. Bullying can occur in families, within relationships, in clubs and groups, and in the military, writes Bonnie Low-Krammen.

    You can read more about the topic here- the Worldwide Workplace Survey Results 2017.

    Help us get as many respondents in Norway as possible.

    We want to hear your voice!

  • Digital Technology – the future of the role

    "Every day we experience the impact of the evolution of employment and skills in the age of AI (artificial intelligence). There is constant pressure for companies and governments to address the ways that artificial intelligence is positively changing the future of work.

    The transformation of how we work embraces all industries and all jobs. Administrative professionals are not alone in enduring the impact of technology. We all need to stay alert and vigilant in a positive way. With the rise of automation, the conversations about jobs that are going to be lost must attain another dimension. Innovation and automation are showing us that:

    To invest in our future, we need to understand that the future of our professional role – regardless of the profession – is about learning new skills, looking for and seizing new opportunities, and participating in continuous learning. Let us make the decision to not be a victim of future technology, but rather enjoy every new opportunity technology offers."

    Click here to continue reading the article by Julia Schmidt

    The survey "Digital Technology – the future of the role" will be available here by end June.

    Stay tuned!

  • Position Descriptions and career pathways

    Career paths and career ladders allow employees to develop and progress within an organization.

    Employees usually feel more engaged when they believe that their employer is concerned about their professional growth and provides paths to reach individual career goals while fulfilling the company's mission.

    A career development path provides employees with an ongoing mechanism to improve their skills and knowledge that can lead to mastery of their current jobs, promotions, and transfers to new or different roles.

    As the role of the administrative professionals has evolved, we see the necessity of creating clear career paths and job descriptions which may have a direct impact on the entire organization by improving morale, career satisfaction, motivation, productivity, and responsiveness in meeting departmental and organizational objectives.

    The survey "Position Descriptions and career pathways" will be available here by August.

    Stay tuned!

  • Identity and Image of our profession – how can we enhance this

    Professional identity is the concept which describes how we perceive ourselves within our occupational context and how we communicate this to others.

    Research shows that an individual’s professional identity as either a social or role identity is important because it is a key way that individuals assign meaning to themselves, and it shapes work attitudes, affect and behavior.

    A positive professional image is essential to a successful career, and we know that our professional image speaks volumes about us and will help us develop and establish a positive reputation. Each one of us contributes to the overall image of our profession.

    The survey "Identity and Image of our profession – how can we enhance this" will be available here by the beginning of September.

    Stay tuned!

Delegates Update

These countries will be represented

  1. Angola
  2. Australia
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Cameroon
  5. Canada
  6. Denmark
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Ireland
  11. Italy
  12. New Zealand
  13. Nigeria
  14. Norway
  15. Romania
  16. Russia
  17. South Africa
  18. Spain
  19. Sweden
  20. Trinidad & Tobago
  21. Turkey
  22. Uganda
  23. UK
  24. USA