Connie Moltubakk

Member of IMA since 2016

“It’s an excellent arena for us to “bloom” and share thoughts, challenges and work experiences. IMA continues to broaden my mindset, and it gives me inspiration outside of my work. Another benefit I find very important with IMA is the organization’s objective to encourage us to look at ourselves as advisors and co-leaders. To me, this is what our role should be about. We should be able to support each other, share our knowledge and interact as integrated members of our teams. Engage ourselves. For me, IMA is about giving and taking; such as IMA members reaching out to support and offer “mentor help” to one another, strengthening the way we all perform at work.”

Consultant at Statoil ASA

Solveig Kristensen

Member of IMA since 2014

«I became a member of IMA to learn new skills, both professionally as well as to develop as a person. I wanted to broaden my network, make new friends and have fun. IMA has given me all of this, and it has been such an added value to my career. Through the meetings, workshops, conferences, and seminars, I have met supportive, understanding and inspiring people, who all have the same mindset as me. IMA has given me the extra confidence and support to become better, and to become a proud assistant!»

Administrative Coordinator at KOV5

Kristin Sande

Member of IMA since 2011

"IMA enables me to build a strategic network of like-minded professionals from different industries and countries. That is of great value for my job!

As a former National Chairman, I had the opportunity to practice leadership and build a strategic network of assistants, trainers and business persons.
IMA has also helped me enhance my public image, improve public speaking and strengthen strategic thinking. IMA is giving me the chance to stand out of the crowd."

Administrative Consultant at Statoil ASA