Our Web coordinator

Hege Vognild has been an IMA Norway member since April 2017. She is Assistant at EQT Partners AS.

She has been an enthusiastic member and decided to join the IMA Communications team as web coordinator in May 2017.

How and why I became an IMA member

I was invited to participate at the IMA Norway Fall Conference 2015. In 2016, I particiapted together with my Office Manager, and she realized the importance of becoming a member of IMA. Today, we are both proud members and participating actively. I am looking forward to contributing to the network with my competence.

About my enthusiasm in becoming IMA Norway’s web coordinator

I am always looking for new challenges, and have previously done various system testing, along with being an IT ambassador at my current job. IT has always been an interest, even though I am not formally trained/schooled in this, but very keen to learn. Therefore, I thought that this would be a good way of giving back to the IMA Norway.