IMA Norway Fall Conference - October 29 - Oslo

«Building Strategic Skills to Pursue Excellence»

Welcome to this years IMA Norway Fall Conference!

Venue: Gamle Museet, Dronningens gate 4, Oslo

Please see more info about the venue here

The event is for both members & non members

Testimonials from IMA Norway Fall Conference 2017:

"...Å delta på konferanser er et av de viktigste verktøyene jeg har for å holde meg oppdatert og utvikle meg. Blant høstens konferanser, var det en som skilte seg ut for mitt vedkommende. Hvorfor jeg opplevde at nettopp IMA-Konferansen hadde så høy kvalitet må skyldes at innleggsholderne hadde blitt godt briefet på forventninger i forkant. De var tydelig inspirert, holdt en rød tråd faglig gjennom dagen og viste ekte engasjement rundt sitt gode innhold i interaksjon med salen. Jeg gleder meg allerede til neste år!"

Hanne Marit Normann Daglig Leder Helt Sentralt AS

“..I have not attended many conferences before, with such professionalism, fun and welcoming people. The «Høstkonferanse 2017» IMA organized for all of us executive admins, had very good speakers with powerful and encouraging messages. They presented a lot of important facts relevant to our field, including good tips to get your LinkedIn profile «going strong». I also really enjoyed spending time with the people that share similar experiences and daily routines with me! This mutual exchange increased my knowledge, ideas and inspiration. Learning and listening to speakers in a seminar or conference, is one thing...But to learn, listen, enjoy and network at the same time, is something else. IMA manages to put all these elements together and make us, Executive Admins, proud of our profession and eager to learn more, keep ahead of all challenges around us and motivate us to become the best! Thanks again IMA, for this fantastic initiative, that gives us the opportunity to grow, thrive and develop in our jobs. Looking forward to the Conference in 2018.”

Victoria Segovia Garrett Executive Admin for GM at Cisco Systems Norway AS