IMA Norway Fall Conference 2017 in Oslo - This event was a succcess - Thank you to all participants and the organizing committee

  • How to Become a Rockstar Assistant

    Once more we are offering you a conference organized by IMA - International Management Assistants. This is a conference from Assistants to Assistants. This year`s rockstar organizer committe were Marianne Wright Pedersen, Anne Omholt & Anne Christin Reithe Christensen. Big THANK YOU!

  • Venue

    Hotel Christiania Teater is a unique boutique hotel located in the heart of Oslo City Center. The building from 1917, was listed and protected in 2015 and provides you with a history lesson from Oslo city, culture & cinema history and even history from the second world war!

  • Conference Chair

    Rudy Claes, a Norwegian actor who has worked as a professional dancer for many years.

  • The conference was held on October 30, 2017

    You find the program here.

    For members and non-members

    Language: Norwegian and English


  • Julia Schmidt

    Welcome from the National Chairman at IMA - International Management Assistasnts in Norway

  • Anita Krohn Traaseth

    A CEO's Confessions - Anita shares her experiences about what makes you a Rockstar Assistant

  • Catherine Lemaréchal

    Work Smarter - How to manage your time and work more efficiently

  • Alisa T. Jensen

    LinkedIn - Learn more about the benefits of LinkedIn for you, your managers and your company

  • Andrea Macarie

    The Game-Changing Executive Assistant - the future of our profession in the context of organizational change and technological advances

  • Glenn Løvberg

    Meeting management - the roadie

  • Elin Ørjasæter

    Social Media - How far can a manager or employee go in sharing their views on social media?

International Speaker

  • Andrea Macarie

    The game-changing Executive Assistant

    With Andrea, we will discuss the future of our profession in the context of organizational change and technological advances.

    Key aspects covered: - Innovation distinguishes between a reactive and a proactive assistant - From operational to strategic business partner - Leading yourself through change - The importance of training and development #neverstoplearning

  • An Award Winning Assistant

    Andrea Macarie is a Senior EA to the CEO of Telefonica Alpha, and award winning Assistant with 10+ years of experience supporting C-level executives.

    In 2013 she was granted the 2nd prize in the “Executive Assistant of the Year” competition organized by Page Personnel Spain. In 2014 she was the overall winner of the “Excellence Award” given by the European Management Assistants Association (currently IMA) on its 40th anniversary in Paris.

  • Embracing Technology

    Technology helps us work in a smarter way, says Andrea Macarie.

    Context, social and emotional intelligence add real value to our organizations and place us as strategic business partners to our executives.

    Click here to read Andrea's article The Game-Changing Assistant.

  • The Best Version Of Ourselves

    Andrea says that during her session we will brainstorm on how future-proof our jobs by analyzing which tasks can be automated in order to create space for the ones that require intuition, creativity, trial and error; these make us unique & game-changing and help us to remain relevant in the future.

    She encourages all Assistants to see change as an opportunity, and technology as an enabler to unleash their potential and become the best version of themselves.

    IMA Norway Fall Conference

    Monday, 30 October 2017 Oslo

    IMA Norway Fall Conference

    Monday, 30 October 2017 Oslo

Message from Julia Schmidt, IMA National Chairman

Upgrade your skills and become a Rockstar Assistant

The goal of the conference is to encourage Executive Assistants to discover the importance of adding value at a higher level in the digital era of constant disruption. The rapid pace of change in business and technology means that more and more companies will find themselves being disrupted. Executive Assistants seeking to win this game have to upgrade their skills and become rockstars by being intimately involved in the architecture, culture, and metrics of their organizations side by side with their executives and managers. It is all about having an intrapreneur mindset and being accountable for the results. At that level, you will no longer be an Assistant; you will be more than that; you will be a Leader; you will become a Rockstar Assistant. (Julia Schmidt and Andrea Macarie)

Read the article
Upgrade your skills and become a Rockstar Assistant


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