IMA Norway Weekend Seminar - 7 - 8 September 2018

Navigating beyond traditional expectations: the strategies of today’s high-performing Assistants

Navigating beyond traditional expectations: the strategies of today’s high-performing Assistants

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Join a group of experienced Assistants representing Norwegian and international companies.

The seminar will offer you the opportunity to discuss relevant topics, prepare yourself to enhance more managerial tasks, and become a strategic executive assistant. You will have the chance to network, exchange information, gain new perspectives and ideas.

Speaker: Adam Fidler

We have booked one of the best trainers for Executive Assistants, Adam Fidler. Some of you may know him from the training day in Barcelona, and we are very happy to have him join us again for this seminar. The seminar will be in English.


We have booked one of the most charming hotels in Norway. The venue is Thorbjørnrud Hotel at Jevnaker, 68,4 km from Oslo. The hotel is a lovely spot with world-class cuisine. The perfect place for tremendous learning. Thorbjørnrud Hotel is a place with a story.

Who can participate

IMA-members and non-members can participate. IMA-members are offered reduced price. More information will come.

Meet our Speaker Adam Fidler


Adam Fidler is the Principal and Founder of Adam Fidler Academy, which offers inspirational teaching and learning for PAs, EAs and business support professionals. His most popular courses ‘Get Ahead as an Executive PA’ and ‘The Strategic Executive Assistant’ run regularly in Manchester, London – and abroad.

After graduating with a degree in business studies in 1999, Adam worked as a corporate Board-level Assistant in a variety of organisations, including The Boots Company PLC, Bank of America and Salford City College. He qualified as a teacher in 2008 and has, since then, educated hundreds of Assistants all over the world.

Adam’s cutting-edge perspectives on the true role of the Executive Assistant and the future of the administrative profession make him a leading authority and thought-leader in the industry, where his work has received worldwide acclaim.

About the Seminar

In this inspirational seminar, Adam Fidler shares his perspectives and strategies of high-performing Executive Assistants. Learn how to reframe your role, rise above challenges and maximize the new facets needed by Assistants to remain current and credible in today’s commercial world.

Articles written by Adam Fidler

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Welcome to Thorbjørnrud Hotel!

At Thorbjønrud we extend the term "cooking" slightly further than other hotels. We have our own farmhouse with 500 animals, a cheese factory in our old swimming pool, our very own hotel brewery and more than 3 acres of kitchen garden outside the hotel.

For us at Thorbjørnrud, food production has become a source of inspiration and fun in everyday life. Our guests benefit from great meals, food courses, tastings, lectures and guided tours. Here, a good meal, unique local food experiences and pure happiness for food is the centre of everything we do.

Please click here for more information about Thorbjørnrud Hotel


Sagveien 8, 3520 Jevnaker phone 61 31 71 00

1 hour from Oslo 45 minutes from Gardermoen 3 minutes walking distance from Hadeland Glassverk

From Oslo: 67 km From Gardermoen: 55 km From Hønefoss / train station: 13 km From Roa / train station: 20 km Good transport arrangements with local bus and taxi company.

Courses and conferences

As a guest at Thorbjørnrud, you are also visiting an enthusiastic local food producer! It does not mean that you have to be a food enthusiast to love it here, but of course it will lift your overall experience.

Air, art and idyllic surroundings We have 82 rooms, 18 meeting rooms and an auditorium which seats up to 130 people in a cinema setting. The common areas are airy with plenty of room for group work and mingling. Stretch your legs, grab a coffee, view the art or continue conversations that require a little more space. The beautiful garden is also a lovely place to unwind or do group activities.

Unique dining experiences At Thorbjørnrud you eat local food from our own farm, cheese from the cheese factory located in our old swimming pool, and vegetables from the kitchen garden. Our lunch buffet is widely known, and we usually fire up the pizza oven and serve Italian pizza.

Secluded – not isolated Our location makes it easy to keep groups together, but there is plenty to do - both at the hotel and in the immediate area. Most people choose to take a walk past Hadeland Glassverk, and if you wish to add activities or experiences, we will of course recommend our food courses, -lectures and -tastings.