The Network Arena for
Sharing and Learning

We are a Professional Network for senior-level PAs, EAs,
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IMA Norway

The Network Arena for Sharing and Learning

IMA Norway has 110 members, working in both small and large companies. Our member meetings are today located to Oslo, but we also have members in other large cities. In addition, we have virtual events both in the national group - IMA Norway - and internationally.

IMA is a quality network of management support professionals focusing on their professional and personal development as well as on the continued evolution of their profession. We can achieve this by

  • Forming a network of highly competent management assistants
  • Creating an image of the management assistant as an essential part of the management team
  • Providing opportunities for training, cross-cultural relationships, exchange of ideas, and international meetings. Furthermore, vital parts of the network are our corporate members supporting us through their membership as well as the business partners offering their products and services to top executive assistants. The association is a non-profit organisation, which has no political aims and will not engage in political or trade union activities.

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